Welcome to Avira’s Insights Blog

Roger Hockaday, 2 years ago < 1 min read

Welcome to Avira’s new Insights blog.  Here the Protection Labs team of Avira will share their ideas and opinions on the technologies that power the cyber-security industry. We aim to focus on the topics that will help you deliver a better security solution to your customers.

Machine learning or AI, behavioral analysis techniques and threat intelligence data; these are all powerful tools we use to identify malware and protect people. We will look at these in detail.  And we will look at how the cyber-security market is changing, covering topics as varied as ransomware and IoT.  A broad scope in a rapidly evolving threat landscape!

Our promise to you: we will always do our best to deliver a balanced viewpoint. Of course, our articles will view the world though an Avira lens (Protecting People in the Connected World). But we won’t rush to publish just because it’s breaking news. We will always deliver a considered opinion on how technology can be used best to protect your customers, whether they are a business or a consumer.

Occasionally, our technology partners may use our blog to share their opinions or tell their stories. We want Insights to provide you with a range of expert opinion. If you have a story you’d like to tell, then let us know.

Of course, if your interests are more consumer or general technology, you can also subscribe to our main company blog.

Your opinions matter to us

We’d love you to subscribe to Insights for all the latest updates but you can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn at Avira Insights.  It is also where you can offer comment and feedback on the topics we cover.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Welcome to Avira’s Insights Blog

Roger Hockaday

Roger loves to talk and write about the application of technology, which is why he runs the marketing team for Avira's Technology Partnership organisation. The 'less said the better' isn't something normally attributed to him. Follow him on Twitter @RogerLars and Linkedin rogerhockaday

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